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War, Inc.

Cheat mode:

Hold [Alt] and type war during game play. Then, release [Alt] and 
enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding 
cheat function.

Effect                                  Code 

Disable fog of war                      togglefog  
Full map                                viewmap 
Rearm all units1                        lockandload  
Rearm active unit                       rearm  
Faster building                         quickbuild  
Kill all enemy units                    autowin  
Toggle AI                               toggleai  
Win campaign                            wincampaign  

Auto weapon switching and gun 
lock modes**                            Win campaign 
$1 Million and 1,000 RU                 moremoney  

No fog of war, full map, quick 
building, money/RUs                     combo 

Upgrade active unit                     veteran  
God mode                                godmode 
Kill active unit                        killactiveunit  
Resync network                          forceresync  
Build enemy command HQ                  enemypowerup  
Show danger                             showdanger  
All units and buildings available       loadunits  
Max out active unit                     dolemite  
Double power output                     dogeatdog  
???                                     paulhaney 

*  This code will also affect enemy units.
** This code is case-sensitive and does not have the same effect as 
   the other similarly entered code. 

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