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War Games

Cheat mode:

Press T during game play, then enter one of the following codes to 
activate the corresponding cheat function. 

Effect                              Code 

Enable extra zoom level on 
lower-level machines                eyeofgod 
Mission select*                     saladtossed  
Build any unit**                    twobyfour   
Faster unit ordering                hermes  
Shoot Jeeps instead of missiles     donkeys  
Full map                            morningafter  

Build anything without a Command 
Center or Complex                   gimmiegimmie 

God mode                            unclejohn  
$10,000 added to resources          chaching  
Increased armor                     mrmuscle  
Decreased enemy armor               bigsofty  
Increased speed                     coffee  
Decreased enemy speed               beer  
Increased firepower                 shaft  
Decreased enemy firepower           shank  

*  Enable the code, exit the current mission, and press [Ctrl] 
   + H + W at the main menu. Then, click on "Load" and select any 
** Valid names include dragoon, centre, defence, and other 
   designations used in the game. 

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