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 When you play a level press on . You now get 
 on the bottomlinethe possibility to enter a message. 
 Enter "corwin of amber" and press . You will 
 now see that the cheats are enabled. The following 
 cheats get be enabled now by typing in the following 
 cheat codes in the same way as described above.
Actions:                        Results:

 "there can be only one"   -->   All own troops are 
                                 invunerable  and can 
                                 only be killed with  
                                 the firestone-thrower.
 "hurry up guys"           -->   Buildingtimes are 
                                 speeded up.
 "sally shears"            -->   Whole map will be shown.          
 "iron forge"              -->   All technologies 
 "eye of newt"             -->   Major has total 
 "pot of gold"             -->   You get 10000 Gold and 
                                 5000 Wood.
 "ides of march"           -->   Shows final sequence of 
                                 the level.
 "crushing defeat"         -->   You lose the level.
 "yours truly"             -->   You win the level.

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