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Wages of War: The Business of Battle

Cheat mode:
Type blood money to enable cheat mode. Then, enter one of the
following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Effect                                      Code 
All mercs maxed                             adjectives  
Current merc maxed                          bill  
Ammunition                                  verb 
All weapons, max stats                      liberty  
Two of each item in Abdul's magazine        fill magazine  
999 action points                           elbow room  
Max health                                  noun 
Kill all enemies                            deadman  
25 smoke grenades                           smoke  
10 satchel charges, 10 timers               timers  
10 first aid kits                           911  
Average stats                               mortal  
Add one hour to game time                   hour  
Add five minutes to mission time            mmin  
Place mine at current merc                  set mine  
Max stats                                   stats 
Launch 100 random mortar rounds             oh darn  
Activate all damage links                   bang  
Activate all destroy links                  explode  
Clown mode                                  send in the clowns  
Disable clowns                              oh boys 

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