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Cheat mode:

Press [Enter] to display the chat console. Then, press [Asterisk] 
followed by one of the indicated case-sensitive codes to activate 
the corresponding cheat function.

Effect                              Code 

Toggle no clipping                  ghost  
Unlimited health and ammo           cheat  
Toggle AI                           other 
AI status                           state 
Suicide                             suicide 
Display frame rate                  fps  
Toggle maximum fps to 30 or 60      maxfps  
View credits                        thunderdome  
Display coordinates                 coords  
No clipping                         ghost 
Hit points locked                   freeze  
Programmer message                  jzk  
Programmer message                  HoneyBunny  
Next CD music track                 cd_next  
Previous CD music track             cd_prev  
Stop CD music track                 cd_stop  
Play CD music track                 cd_play  
???                                 WAR 
???                                 catco 

Map mode:

Press [F8] during game play. 

Practice mode:

Click the hidden button in the lower left corner of the main 
menu screen to practice in any mission. 

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