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Urban Chaos

Cheat mode:
Press "F9" to display the console window. Type "bangunsnotgames" to
enable cheat mode and invincibility. Then, enter one of the following
codes at the console window to activate the corresponding cheat

Effect                                  Code 
Advance to indicated game point         telw <number>  
Explosion cluster                       boo  
Fluorescent green graphics              cctv  
Level completed                         win  
Level lost                              lose 
Music select                            world  
Play as Officer D'arci                  darci  
Play as Roper                           roper  
Return to saved waypoint                telr  
Save a waypoint on map                  tels  
Set ambient light                       ambient <red> <green> <blue>  
Set fog fade level                      fade <number>  
Toggle Crinkles                         crinkles 

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