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Cheat mode:

Press M to display the chat prompt. Type one of the following 
codes, then press [Enter] to activate the corresponding cheat 

Effect                                      Code 
All Wraith weapons                          dangerous  
Super lasers, missiles                      slick  
Invincibility (Chump mode)                  chump  

Invincibility, super speed (Super 
Chump mode)*                                chump 

Invincibility, unlimited weapons*           dangerous 
Invincibility, super weapons*               tuff 

Invincibility, super speed, 
unlimited weapons (Dangerous 
Super Chump mode)**                         dangerous 

Invincibility, super speed, 
unlimited and super weapons                 tuff ass 

Updated citadel guns***                    bigmamma  
Cheaper strike and repairs***              cheapfoo 
Free strike and repairs***                 hellacheapfoo  
More troops                                 mo money  
More power-ups                              way mo money  

Power units for killing opponent 
soldiers and tanks                          warehouse 

*   You must already be in "Chump" mode before entering this code.
**  You must already be in "Super Chump" mode before entering this 
*** Enter this code after citadel is online. 

Anvil weapon:

Start an old mission or a mission not yet completed after beating 
the last planet. A secondary weapon called the "Anvil" will be 
available. Use it to drop an anvil on the targeted enemy that will 
destroy it in one hit. 

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