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Unreal: Return to Na Pali mission pack

Cheat mode:
Press "~" during game play to display the console window. Then, enter one of
the following codes and press "Enter" to activate the corresponding cheat

Effect                                              Code
999 ammo for all weapons                            allammo
Flight mode                                         fly
No clipping mode                                    ghost
Disable flight and no clipping modes                walk
Invincibility                                       god
Add weapon or item to the world                     summon <item name>
Toggle time                                         playersonly
Jump to indicated map                               open <map name>
Jump to indicated map with current weapons,
items, dispersion pistol upgrades.                  switchcooplevel <map name>
Third person view                                   behindview 1
Normal view                                         behindview 0
Set game speed                                      slomo<number>
Kill monsters                                       killpawns
Kill all of indicated enemy type                    killall <enemy name>
Invisibility                                        invisible
Reset graphics and textures                         flush
CA Rifle                                            Summon CARifle
Grenade launcher                                    Summon Grenadelauncher
Rocket launcher                                     Summon Rocketlauncher

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