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Tzar: Burden of the Crown

Cheat mode:
Press "Enter" during game play and type "hmprettypleasewithsugarontop"
to enable cheat mode. Resume game play, press "Enter" again, and type
one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat

Effect                                          Code 
+10,000 to all resources                        hmdvaleva  
+50,000 to all resources                        hmpetleva  
Calculator                                      hmcalc <math expression>  
Display map grid                                hmshowgrid  
Full map                                        hmreveal 
Instant construction                            hmbuildozer  
Lose game                                       hmresign  
Remove fog                                      hmnofog  
Next level in campaign mode                     hmnext  
Highlighted people become invincible                hmgod  
All technical items available                   hmnotech  
Display game clock                              hmtimer  
Lose control of main buildings                  hmusurp  
Indicated until becomes part of player's unit   hmkingdom <1-9> 
Spawn indicated unit                            hmspawn <unit name>  
Increase population limit by 1000               hmnopop  
Display map coordinates                         hmthreads  
Remove unit                                     hmdiscover <unit name>  
Set time to day or night                        hmtime <1-20>  
Clears if it is slow and makes it regular       hmdebugpath 
Give player 1000g                               hmgive  
Reveal if the player has used the secret
taken ones                                      hmischeater 
Display name of current map                     hmmap  
Increase health of selected objects by 5        hmcont 
See what the selected units see                 hmspy  
Kills all animals on map                        hmhunt  
Start demo                                      hmdemo 

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