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Bonus Game:

For a "Scorched Earth" clone, type "destruct" at the main menu. Press
F1 when the game begins for help. 

Christmas Tyrian:

If your system clock's month is set to December then the game will ask you
at startup if you want to play Christmas Tyrian. 

Easy Money:

When you start a game, press F2, F3 and F10. You'll have to repeat this code
on each level.

Harder Game:

For a harder game, press G when you select the difficulty. 


While playing, press F2+F3+F6 for invincibility. 

Level Skip:

While playing, press F2+F6+F7 to skip to the next level. 

No Armor:

During a game press F2 + F3 + F5 at the same time to play the stage with no
armor. Repeat for each level. 

Suicide Mode:

For an even greater challenge, press } on the difficulty selection screen. 

Super Ships:

For an awesome ship, type any of these at the main menu screen. 


Super Tyrian:

Type ENGAGE at the title screen. This codes works on versions 2.0 and later.
For an easier version, hold the SCROLL LOCK button while typing it in. 

Turbo Speed:

For the fastest speed possible, press Backspace and '1' at the same time. 

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