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Terminal Velocity

View development team (CD-ROM version): 

Fly close to the ground at coordinates 63,227 on level 3-1. This 
picture may also be found as a .GIF file in the "preview" game 

Bonus world (CD-ROM version):

Enter Terminal as a name and Reality as a call sign. 

Cheat mode (pre-gameplay):

Press one of the following keys at the main menu to enable the c
orresponding cheat function. Note: Some functions may require 
[Ctrl] to be pressed simultaneously.

Effect                          Key 
Display benchmark statistics    Z 
Play .MOD file                  M 
Play .TVI animation             B 
Sound debug                     S 
Record demo                     R 
Play demo                       P 

Cheat mode (during game play):

Type one of the following codes during game play to enable the 
corresponding cheat function.

Function                    Code 

Invincibility toggle        trigods  
Full shield                 trishld  
Level skip                  trinext  
Hover while firing          trihovr  
1000 afterburner units      maniacs  
Display oscilloscope        trscope  
Turbo afterburner           triburn  
Display framerate           trframe  
Weapon power-up             3drealm  
Level select                trwarp  
30 second invincibility     trifir0  
PAC ammunition              trifir1  
ION ammunition              trifir2  
RTL ammunition              trifir3  
MAM ammunition              trifir4  
SAD ammunition              trifir5  
SWT ammunition              trifir6  
DAM ammunition              trifir7  
Afterburner                 trifir8  
30 second invisibility      trifir9  
Invincibility               trifir10  

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