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Tribes: Vengeance

Cheat mode:
Start the game with the "-console" command line parameter. Press "Tab"
during game play to display the console window at the bottom of the screen.
Then, enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat

Effect                                      Code
God mode                                    god
Three weapons with full ammo                allweapons
Full ammo for weapons/grenades              allammo
Flight mode                                 fly
No clipping mode                            ghost
Disable fly and ghost codes                 walk
Fast weapons                                fastweapons
Spawn indicated object                      summon <name>
Replace weapon                              ReplaceWeapon <weapon name>
Skip mission                                CampaignNext
Field of view by number                     fov <number>
Remove all stat display                     stat none
Display all stats                           stat all
Display framerate                           stat fps
Display network stats                       stat net

Item names:
Item                            Name
Energy pack                     EquipmentClasses.PackEnergy
Repair pack                     EquipmentClasses.PackRepair
Speed pack                      EquipmentClasses.PackSpeed
Shield pack                     EquipmentClasses.PackShield
Hand grenade                    EquipmentClasses.WeaponHandGrenade
Spinfusor                       EquipmentClasses.WeaponSpinfusor
Grenade launcher                EquipmentClasses.WeaponGrenadeLauncher
Sniper/laser rifle              EquipmentClasses.WeaponSniperRifle
Buckler                         EquipmentClasses.WeaponBuckler
Mortar launcher                 EquipmentClasses.WeaponMortar
Blaster/shotgun                 EquipmentClasses.WeaponBlaster
Burner/plasma gun               EquipmentClasses.WeaponBurner
Rocket launcher                 EquipmentClasses.WeaponRocketPod
Chaingun                        EquipmentClasses.WeaponChaingun
Grappler                        EquipmentClasses.WeaponGrappler
Deployable Inventory Station    DeployableClasses.DeployableInventoryStation
Deployable Turret               DeployableClasses.DeployableTurret
Deployable Repairer Unit        DeployableClasses.DeployableRepairer
Deployable Mine                 DeployableClasses.DeployableShockMine
Deployable Catapult             DeployableClasses.DeployableCatapult

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