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Cheat mode:

Press [Ctrl] + [F11] to display the console prompt at the bottom 
left corner of the screen. Then, enter one of the following 
commands to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Effect                                  Code 

Higher jumps, but slower running        bionicwoman  
View location                           loc 
View ending sequence                    win  
Increased gore level                    gore 2  
Dinosaurs paused                        dinos  

Shows objects or items that are 
interactive                             bones 

Unlimited ammo                          woo  

Transport to important locations 
on current level                        tnext 

Causes fatal error                      gore
Heal damage*                            invul  
???                                     ftb 
???                                     btb 
???                                     imouse 
???                                     tele 

* This code does not enable invincibility. It allows damage to 
  be healed, but does not prevent death. 

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