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Total Annihilation

Campaign mode mission select:

Click on the "Single Player" icon. Type drdeath at the single player game 
screen. A Cavedog Entertainment bone symbol will appear between the "Load 
Game" and "Previous Menu" icons on the right side of the screen. Click on 
the bone will to enter the mission select screen.

Ten player skirmish:

Type [Asterisk]X at the opponent/ally selection screen. To specify another 
number of players substitute "X" with a roman numeral from 3 to 10. For 
example, [Asterisk]III will result in a three player skirmish.

Cheat mode:

Begin a game in skirmish or multiplayer mode. Press [Enter] to display the 
message box. Press [Plus] and enter one of the following codes. Press 
[Enter] to activate the corresponding cheat function. Note: Enter the code 
again to de-activate.

Effect                          Code 

Increase metal and energy 
by 1000                         atm  

Display game clock              clock  
Play CD music                   cdstart
Stop CD music cdstop  
View 3D contour mesh            contour<1-15>  
Control skirmish AI             control<0-3>  

Dithering replaces gray line 
of sight                        dither  

Double weapon damage            doubleshot  
Half weapon damage              halfshot  
Lost game                       ilose 
Win game                        iwin 
Kill all units                  kill  
Darker structures               light 1000  
Black structures                light  
Decrease energy                 noenergy  
Decrease metal                  nometal  

Disable explosion screen 
effect                          noshake  

Full map, disable line of 
sight                           los  

Full radar                      radar 
Toggle object shadowing         shadow  
Units sing when highlighted     sing  
Toggle 3D sound                 sound3d  

Press [Alt] +  to 
switch units                    switchalt 

View opponent's energy, 
metal                           view <0-3>  

Share radar*                    share radar  
Share metal*                    share metal  
Share energy*                   share energy  
Share all resources*            share all  
Also shoot buildings            shootall  

Traces unit/structures in 
order that they were built      bigbrother 

Display data transfer in 
multi-player mode               bps 

Change opponent color in 
skirmish                        logo <1-9>  

Cover the screen in black       mapping  

Display ranges by holding 
[Shift] when pointer is over 
unit                            showranges 

???                             aimfromprimary  
???                             aimfromsecondary  
???                             aimfromtertiary  
???                             antialias 
???                             assert 
???                             assign 
???                             becarried 
???                             burnall 
???                             burnone 
???                             debugbreak  
???                             dprint 
???                             dr 
???                             drop 
???                             edge 
???                             feature 
???                             film 
???                             filmspeed 
???                             fshadow 
???                             give 
???                             iface 
???                             include 
???                             lostype 
???                             mem 
???                             memdump 
???                             move 
???                             musicmode 
???                             netstats 
???                             notoktobuild  
???                             numlines 
???                             numtables 
???                             oktobuild 
???                             profile 
???                             querynanopiece  
???                             queryprimary  
???                             querysecondary  
???                             querytertiary  
???                             rcache 
???                             reload 
???                             scrollspeed  
???                             screenchat  
???                             sealevel 
???                             search 
???                             selboxes 
???                             selectable  
???                             shot 
???                             sweetspot 
???                             tableinfo 
???                             treedeath 
???                             tshadow 
???                             zbuffer 

* Only in Multi-player mode

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