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Tomb Raider 2

All Weapons:

 While playing, take out a flare, take one step forward (hold down walk
 key while  pressing  up  arrow), then take  one  step  backwards, turn
 around 3 full times and then jump backwards. 

Exploding Lara:

 Draw any weapon, then walk one step forward, one step  backwards, turn
 around in a circle three times then jump backwards. 

Goodbye Butler:

 Tired of the  pesky  butler  following you around everywhere in Lara's
 home? Walk into the  kitchen  and open the freezer, go inside and wait
 for the butler to arrive. Once he comes in jump over him and close the
 door behind you. Bye, bye, butler. 


 When Lara is hanging from a ledge, hold the  WALK  button and press UP
 to do a handstand. 

Level Skip:

 While  playing, take  one  step  forward  (hold  down  walk  key while
 pressing up arrow), then take  one  step  backwards, turn around three
 full times and then  jump  forward  and press the  ROLL  button  while
 you're in the air. 

Secret Room in Lara's House:

 When you  explore  the  outside  of the house go to the front door and
 open it.  Walk  straight  in and look at the two halls on each side of
 the clock. You will be coming back to the righthand hall after you hit
 the switch I'm getting ready to tell you about.

 Leave from the door you just opened and go to your left, head into the
 maze.  Go left always in the  maze  unless  your only  option is to go
 right. When you get to the back of the maze you will see a brick wall,
 look down the  hall  and you will  see  two  openings.  Take the first
 opening to the right and fall into the hole. Then go to the end of the
 hall  and  jump  out, push the  button  on the wall and you will see a
 cinema of the door  opening back in the house.  This door is timed, so
 you have to be fast.

 Go back the way you came in, jump out of the  hole  and go left.  Then
 keep following the  maze  turning  right everytime  unless you have to
 turn left.  Exit the  maze  at the end and run back into the house and
 through the door.  It leads to the  basement  below, where  you'll you
 will see several chests and windows on each side. It looks like a huge
 statue is on the right. 

Shortcut Thru Bartoli's Hideout:

 After you got in the room with the switch to get the  Jade  Dragon. Go
 out to the  balcony  with the guard that drops the Uzi Clip. Go to the
 left side of the balcony.  Face the #DCDC00 building.  Go to the corner
 of the sides of the rail.  Do a  standing  jump  grab  while turning a
 little.  And you should grab the #DCDC00  building  shingles.  Grab the
 Detonator key and Continue. 

Survive Large Falls:

 If you fall off a  reasonably  high ledge hold the roll button and you
 will roll as you hit the ground.  This does not work if the fall is so
 high it makes Lara scream. 

Swan Dive:

 To make Lara do a Swan Dive, Hold Ctrl+Shift+Forward while jumping. 

Swan Dive with a roll:

 Dive off a  high  ledge  and about half  way through the dive hold the
 roll button and Lara will roll before hitting the water. 

Unlimited ammo:

 Finish the game and reload any level you will have unlimited  ammo for
 every gun, unlimited  medi-packs, unlmited  flares and the enemies are

Venice Tip:

 To avoid the timed  sequence  at the end of the  Venice  section, just
 leave the boat in the room where the last swich is that opens the exit
 and swim out  under  the  door  and then swim  to the exit. You'll get
 another boat at the start of Bartoli's Hideout.

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