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TOCA: Touring Car Championship 2

Cheat mode:

Enter one of the following names to activate the corresponding 
cheat function. The phrase "Cheat mode enabled" will be spoken to 
confirm correct code entry.

Effect                                      Name 

GTA type view                               TOPDOWN  
Blurry horizon                              HANGOVER  
Full championship distances                 TIMEOUT  
All tracks                                  DOUBLE 
All cars                                    CARTASTIC  
Battle mode                                 OUCH 
Bouncing crashes                            RUBBER  
Funny crashes                               MOVIE  
Reduced gravity                             HIGHJUMP  
Wheels only                                 SKINNY
Turbo mode                                  SKATES 
Alternate track appearance                  GIRDLE  
Other cars move out of way                  REPEL  
Bonus track                                 TECKLOCK  
Turbo enabled                               FASTBOY  
Micro Machines mode                         MINICARS  
Small cars                                  ICCKLE 
Psychedelic mode                            TRIPPY  
No points needed in championship mode       POSHKID  
Hear Tiff's commentary outtakes             OUTTAKE  
Only drive Mondeo                           CMFORD  

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