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TOCA: Touring Car Championship

Actions:           Results:

 FLEXMOBILE   -->   Rear Wheel Drive, sticks to the road quite well.
 CMSTARS      -->   Gives the sky a nice and pretty evening look.
 CMMICRO      -->   Top Down racing view (as in Micro Machines).
 CMDISCO      -->   Disco Fog
 CMLOGRAV     -->   Low Gravity.
 CMTOON       -->   Cartoon Horizon
 CMGARAGE     -->   Extra Vehicles, found in the two empty garages after
                    the Laguna.
 TANK         -->   Horn button shoots weapon and can destroy opposition
                    cars with your firepower!
 XBOOSTME     -->   This will speed the game up, in a jerk-o-vision sort
                    of way.
 CMCOPTER     -->   Helicopter view, that  fly's  around the circuit. No
                    good as a  racing  mode, but gives you a  nice  look
                    around the track.  When enabled  I  found  only  the 
                    Silverstone track was available. ( One  Player  Mode
 CMNOHITS     -->   Will enable you to  drive  right  through  the other
                    cars  as  though they aren't there.  A  nice  little
                    feature to this code is that the opponent  cars will
                    still react in the same way as normal racing!
 CMCHUN       -->   Go-Kart View (basically in car view has no dash etc,
                    just wheel and hands).
 CMFOLLOW     -->   Film Camera View ( One Player Mode Only ), basically
                    the camera will follow the car from  various  angles
                    as seen in the DEMO mode.

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