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Treasure Hunter (Walkthrough)


 Treasure Hunter is another gorgeous educational adventure by CRYO.
 It is about a young man who seeks fortune to help his uncle
 building their own maritime museum. The graphics is a knock out,
 but it has a weakness on its savegame option. If you save this
 game on a location, it has a possibility that you couldn't load it
 at that same location. It always load the game at the outdoor
 scheme or at the main room inside a big building. So save it wisely.
 Their on-line hints is marvellous. If you've been stucked for
 several minutes, the computer will show a sign. Click on it and it
 will give you a mild clues on what to do next. It won't spoil
 everything because you have to solved the clues first. One more
 thing, sometimes the answer of some puzzle lies in the movie
 sequence inside your computer, so check it out again and again. You
 have 5 missions to solve and many gorgeous place to visit. And now
 for the game ....


 Our story begin with the arrival of Tuck Pinckerton's nephew, that
 is YOU. Uncle Tuck wants to built a special museum about treasures
 from all over the world. He wants you to collect some treasures to
 fill in his museum. First of all he wants to test you with a simple
 mission : find 3 peoples in town that hold the pieces of treasure
 map. These peoples are : Captain Blake, George Townsend, and Lucy

 Captain Blake is very easy to find at the Old Bob Tavern. Talk to
 the barman. Buy a beer from him and told him that you work with
 the museum. He will tell you to find Captain Blake (he is sitting
 on the right side from the door). Approach him and talk with him.
 He'll give you the first piece of the map. You can talk to Joss
 Timbeel, the sharks specialist, on the left table to find out about
 shark. Pay him some money (until 7 times) to know the whole
 stories about sharks.

 George Townsend, the diver, lives in the wodden house beside the
 tavern. Pay him $1000 and he will give you the second piece.
 Note : if you want to you could repay your uncle's another debts
 at the hotel. Pay it partially first (it's $5000). Next time when
 you asked him for a loan you'll get it easily.

 Lucy Campbell, the archaelogist, lives beside the local grocery
 store to the northeast side of the town. Talk to her and she'll
 give you the last piece. You'll find her at the window after
 knocking at her door. Return to your uncle after retieving the
 map. Give him the map and he'll give you the first mission.


 Uncle Tuck will give you a computer to work with. Go to your
 yacht at the harbour and use the vidcom in your computer (that's
 the only place you can use your vidcom). Contact Yolanda and ask
 about San Antonio. Her fee is $200 per day. So use your limited
 budget wisely. Fly to Seville (it costs you $2000).

 First go to the second floor via the grand staircase. Look at the
 Registrate Book on the third table. It costs Yolanda $600 for
 searching the name San Antonio. The result is H2. Now head to the
 archive room on the third floor via the left door on the top of
 the stair. Climb it and turn left at the first intersection. Walk
 through thedoor and find the H2 shelf. Ask Yolanda to find some
 info about San Antonio (it costs her $2000 or 10 days work). Look
 at the new data in your computer (click on the ship picture then
 on the x-spot).

 Next ask the museum guard at the front desk about San Antonio.
 He'll suggest you to look at the statue of St. Antonio on the
 terrace upstair. Go there (it is behind the door at the end of
 the corridor on the top of the stair). Turn to the left and walk
 through the small path to the statue of St. Antonio. Examine the
 name plate under the name and click the name Don Juan de Lara
 Moran 1611-1622.

 Go down stair to the main room and head into the exhibition room
 behind the red curtain in front of the front desk. Check out the
 computer on the far end to the right. Watch some Spanish gallion
 history. Notice the name Bartholomeu Diaz (1621). You can look
 around for gaining some info about Spanish gallion. Notice the
 picture beside the red curtain, especially on the left picture.
 Go out and ask the guard aboout Don Juan.Say that you are
 studying the history of trade between Spanish and America.
 Answer : Bartholomeu Diaz. He'll give you a key to the log room
 on the fourth floor.

 Go to the log room via the spiralcase behind the door to the
 archive room. Use the key to open the door. Ask Yolanda to find
 Don Juan's log (it costs her $1400). The log will tell you about
 the route of San Antonio. Check out the new data and notice that
 it sails from Cartagena - Nombre de Diaz - Vera Cruz. Where have
 you seen this same picture ??? Oh yeah, the left picture beside
 the red curtain in the exhibition room. Go there and check it
 out. Ooopps, the guard has changed the picture with a new one.
 This time is the picture of the ship : Limpia Conception and its
 route to Havana. Check out the new data (notice the name Havana).

 Go outside and try to walk through the door beside the front desk.
 When the guard ask you, tell him that you search for Havana. Go
 inside to the storage room. Find Havana's shelf. Ask Yolanda to
 search for Limpia Conception (it costs her $1000). Now walk through
 the other door in this same room to the Flag room. Read the book on
 the center and notice the Havana coat of arm. Search the cabinet
 with same coat of arms symbol (it's the left most cabinet).
 Ask Yolanda to find something there (it costs her $2000). Two names
 will appear : Don Navarro (the captain of Limpia Conception) and
 Marquis of Mestealerge (the owner of the ship). On the way out, pick
 up the glasses inside a small chest in the storage room. 

 Check out Don Navarro's log in the log room (it costs Yolanda $2000).
 Then head downstair to the front desk. Give the glasses to the guard
 and he'll tell you that new archive has come. He puts it under the
 grand staircase. Check out the new archives and ask Yolanda to browse
 the Vera Cruz archive to find San Antonio document (it costs her
 another $600). She'll find a document with a map on it. The document
 will tells you the story that connect San Antonio and Limpia

 Now go back to the front desk and examine the desk carefully. Notice
 the combination number : 5714. Head to the archive room and head to
 the door with a panel on its side. Enter the number and you'll enter
 the final room. Ask Yolanda to search the room (it costs her $4200).
 And you'll have the exact map of the treasure. Report this finding
 to your uncle and prepare your expedition team.

 First, you'll have to find some money for the expedition. Go to the
 hotel and ask for a loan. He'll give you $500.000 if you share 50%
 of the finding to him. I think you have no choice for this. Accept
 the offer. Darn, he reduce the money too for repaying your uncle's
 debts. Then ask Captain Blake to navigate your ship. Don't forget to
 ask Lucy Campbell and George Townsend to join your team. Now go to
 your yacht and click on the computer. Click on the ship picture,
 x-spot, and finally sail to the spot. Watch the movie sequence.


 Check out the incoming message on your vidphone. Your uncle wants
 you to find the wreck of Monmouth 1702. First, contact John and
 ask him about the ship. John will give you another ship name :
  Vigo. Contact Yolanda to know about Vigo. Yolanda tells you that
 Vigo was arrived along the French's ship : Chateau Renault. Ask
 Pierre about it. When you have all the infos about the ship, check
 out the data in your computer. Now, a message from your uncle will
 arrive. Notice that he wants to show you his new map. But ....
 alas, your uncle got sick and is sent out to the hospital. Try to
 contact him again, this time Mrs. Peabody is on the vidphone. Check
 out to his house. Mrs. Peabody won't let you in. You have to find
 another way to get inside. 

 Check out her character from other people in the village. From the
 barman in Old Bob Tavern (after you pay him $2 for the beer), you
 know that she loves Crystallized fruit very much. Go to Frank Bishop
 store, the local grocery. Buy the fruit for $10. Bring the fruit to
 her and choose this conversation option :

     I'm trying to make an amends 
     You shouldn't work so hard 
     You should try a sea water therapy 
     I'll pay for you ($2000)

 Then go out for a while before you return to the house. This time she
 won't be on your way. Go upstair to the main room. First remember her
 message to water her plants. Luckily you do what she said, because
 here you'll find the key to your uncle's study room. Go back downstair
 and use the key to unlock the door to the study room. Look at the
 fireplace. On the top of it, there's a picture of the ship Monmouth
 1702. Move the picture and you'll find a locker. Unlock it with this
 combination from top left to bottom right : 1702. Hey, that's your 
 uncle journal and the map.

 Prepare your team again exactly like what you did before on mission 1.
 Then go to the location and watch the movie sequence.


 After you received another message from your uncle to search a
 wreck in Malta, fly to the castle. Talk to the Knight of Malta
 about the shipwreck at the front gate. He promises to help you
 after you've found the begining of the story (yup, it's somekind
 of a test). Go through the stair to the terrace of the castle.
 Turn right and head to the stair. Enter the door and you'll
 arrive at the tomb. Turn right and open the confession booth.
 Pick up the flashlight. Go out to the terrace. Follow the path
 to the door on the other end. Go pass through it to the dining

 Climb the stair to the veranda. Read the book. After moving the
 book, notice there's a switch. Turn the switch to close all the
 curtain in the room. Climb down and notice there is a star on
 the ceiling. Use the flashlight with the star. It will point out
 to the pictures beside it. Examine the pictures. Then turn around,
 the Knight of Malta should be standing in front of the door. Talk
 to him and reveal another story of Sainte Marguerite.

 Now go to the old temple (the door is right in front of the stair
 to the front gate). Before entering the old temple, find a plague
 on one of its corner (I believe is in front of the door to the
 dining room, beside a locked door). Click on it and notice the
 order of the knights. Now enter the old temple. Circle the fountain
 garden and step into the small cell. Turn right and open the book
 on the table. Find out the symbol of : Sepulchre, Temple, St. John,
 and Teutonic according the order on the plague. Then get out. Circle
 the fountain garden again to the opposite corner. There should be a
 pushing tiles on the wall. Push the tiles according the order of the
 symbol. You'll hear a click if you push the right order.

 Get out and walk straight to the locked door. Step into it to the
 throne room and talk with the Knights. After he tells you a story,
 he'll give you a key to unlock the door to the cemetary (it's above
 the dining room door). He wants you to pick up the "gift" for him.
 Go to the cemetary and use the key to unlock the door. Find a shovel
 inside. Now head back to the front gate. This time turn to the left
 and follow the archway to the ruin. Use the shovel to dig out the
 ruin. Enter and open the trunk in the cell. Inside you'll find the
 "gift", it's a statue of a Falcon. Bring this gift back to the
 Knight. He tells you to go directly to a place where you can get fed
 (it's in the dining room). Go through to the other door to the
 theatre. Watch the movie until it ends.

 Now find the Knight in his cell. Talk to him. Now he asks you for a
 drink and give you a clue on where you can get his will. He said that
 he got sick while cleaning a chapel. All right, now go to the tomb.
 Go straight to the chapel. Behind the chapel you'll find a small jug.
 Bring this to the Knight and he'll finish the story of Sainte

 Go back to your hommie and prepare your expedition team like usual.
 This time the hotel owner will give $1.000.000 as a financial capital.


 Another incoming message will call you. Your uncle informs you that
 he has a competitor in the village. His name is John Seymour. You'll
 have to talk to his wife, Emma, in the village. She is a tough woman
 to talk to. His house is the big wooden house beside the cinema. She
 told you that John has gone to the Indian Ocean to the islands of
 Madagascar and never returned. She wants you to find him. Go to his
 cellar and try to find some clues to where he is about. Look at the
 wooden board near the ship model. You'll find a name : Emerald Island.

 Ask Captain Blake about this island. He said that one of the
 Portuguese ship, the Trindade, has sunk there. I think this is a job.
 for Yolanda Contact her immedietly. Yolanda tells you that the ship
 was captured by an English corsair, Thomas Blackbone. Ask John about
 this character. After that, ask Captain Blake about the Emerald
 Island once more. Then fly there.

 First, talk to the merchant about the pirates. She offers you a video
 of pirates for $10 if you want to. Accpet that and watch the video by
 clicking on the monitor. Then ask the merchant about Blackbone and
 Seymore. She tells you that before Seymore's death, he always chatting
 with Native the young guy beside the boat. Go find Native and ask him
 about the Trindade. Tell him that you are descend from Thomas
 Blackbone and that he is a great man. Then buy his map for $10.000.
 Go back to your base and match it with the fragment of the map in
 John's cellar. Prepare your team as usual. This time bring Jos Timbell,
 the sharks specialist, along.

 But after spending sometime in the Madagascar ocean, nothing shows
 up. You only found John's skeleton near the Devil island. One of
 your diver has found a unique pendant beside the skeleton. Bring
 this pendant back home and combine it with the maps in cellar.
 Hey, that's it. The location of the treasure is not in the ocean
 but in the island. Fly back to Madagascar and enter the cave of

 Follow this route through the maze (F : Forward, L : Go left, R :
 Go Right, TA : Turn around, TR : Turn right, TL : Turn left) :

 - F, Climb the stair and F, F, R enter the cell, TA, F, TR and get
 the sandbag, TL, F, TR and put the bag on the elevator (it will
 secure the grate for you), TL, F, F, F (climb the stair to the
 skeleton), R to the top, R pass the hanging bridge, R pass the log
 to the winch, turn the winch to open the grate below. 

 -Go back to the skeleton, L, L (enter the open grate), F, F, TL
 (until you see a belt), take the belt, TA and climb the pole, TR
 and use the belt to secure the pipe, TR and climb the pole. 

 -TL, F, TR, F, F, TR, F, TR, F, TL, F, TL F, F TL, F TR, F, climb
 the stair, TL, F, and follow the path to the end. You arrive at the
 treasure cave. See what you want to see that get out through the
 hole on the ceiling. 


 Go to your yacth and turn on the computer. John will contact you and
 tell you about the story of the American steamer, the Southern Star.
 Ask your uncle, Tuck, about the steamer. He wants you to see him at
 his house immediately. Go see your uncle and talk with him. He said
 that he will contact you again soon for the info about the steamer.
 Go back to your yacht and turn on the computer. Listen to what your
 uncle said to you. Review the new dat on your computer. Then wait
 for a while before your uncle can contact you again (you can do this
 by walking around the village for a while). Then go back to your
 yacht again and turn on the computer. Listen to what he said. He
 tells you that Joss' ancestor has rode the ship long time ago.

 Go see Joss at the Old Bob Tavern. Talk to him and buy his ancestor's
 diary for $1000. Then go to his house (it's the building in front of
 the lighthouse). Enter it and find the diary on the small table
 beside the bed. Read it (alas, the last pages is missing) and review
 the new data. Go back to Joss and ask him about the lost pages. Pay
 him another $2000 for the pages. Then go back to his house and look
 at the message board. Read the note there. Go back to the tavern and
 ask Captain Blake about Joss Timbell. He will give you a telescope.
 Go directly to the lighthouse with the boat that tied up in front of
 Joss' house. Use the telescope at the window. You'll see the
 coordinate of the wreck.

 Prepare your team once more. Your investor will give you $2.000.000
 this time. Go to the wreck site and watch the movie sequence.


 After the last mission to find the Southern Star, your uncle is invite
 you to his house. Go there and talk to him. He'll invite you to visit
 the new Maritime museum. Go there and watch the exhibits. It's a tour
 of historical education. After that, return to your yacht to see a
 surprise .........

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