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Test Drive 4

Cheat mode:

Enter the "Save Game" screen and select slot ten. Enter one of 
the following save game names and press [Enter] to activate the 
corresponding cheat function. The sound of a horn will confirm 
correct code entry. Note: Multiple cheat codes may be enabled 
simultaneously, however all players in a mutliplayer game must 
use the same cheat code or risk crashing the game.

Effect                                      Code 

No CPU racers in multiplayer game           NOAICARS  
No airborne collisions                      STICKIER  
No collisions                               AARDVARK  
No 3Dfx special effects                     ITSLATE  
Special credits sequence                    CREDITZ  
All cars                                    SRACLLA 
All tracks                                  LEVELLLA  
Drive on drugs                              SPAZZY  
Monochrome mode                             BANDW  
Large Cars                                  MIKTROUT  
Small Cars                                  MPALMER  
Enable Fast forward mode                    GONZON  
Disable Fast forward mode                   GONZOFF  
Top view                                    BIRDVIEW 
Nitro boost by pressing X                   NITROXXX  
Enable color mode from monochrome screen    COLOUR 
Bonus credit sequence                       BOBCRED  
View credits                                MASTER  
Extra programmer's credits                  ASTIDERC  
Extra programmer's credits                  TSTIDERC  
Extra programmer's credits                  DSTIDERC  

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