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Syndicate Wars

Add the /m switch to the PLAY.BAT file so it will read
@main /w /g /m

Shen you play the game just hit the . key when you
are equipping agents to add 10,000 credits to your
account. You can hit it as many times as you want.

Type POOSLICE as your name to enable the cheats. When
done typing it in a weird sound will start playing.
That is telling you that the cheats are on. Then you
can delete the name and type in whatever you want.

At the research screen:

0   -->  Add more options to research menu
U   -->  Finish a days worth of research

During the game:

ALT-C     -->  Complete the level
ALT-T     -->  Teleport active agent to cursor location
SHIFT-Q   -->  Full weapons and health

To use the command line parameters, start the game with
main /w /g
and add them to the end of the line or in PLAY.BAT

Command line parameters:

/m    -->  At menu, hit the . key to get 10,000 credits
/mx   -->  Skip to mission between 1 and 108

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