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Star Wars: Rouge Squadron

Cheat mode:

Click on "Settings", then click on the "Passcodes" box and type one of the 
following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Effect                                          Code 

View credits                                    CREDITS  
Activate joystick force feedback feature        LEIAWRKOUT 
Changes force feedback control for joystick     GUNDARK 
Control                                         AT-ST CHICKEN  
View FMV sequences1                             DIRECTOR  
Use any ship available in current level         USEDAFORCE 
Play all game music2                            MAESTRO  
Unlimited lives                                 IAMDOLLY  
New radar graphics                              RADAR  
Expert mode                                     ACE 
All power-ups                                   TOUGHGUY  

*  Select the "At The Movies" option at the high score screen.
** Select the "Concert Hall" option at the high score screen. 

V-Wing boost:

The engine boosters of the V-Wing can be used to your advantage. Note the 
speed and distance that one boost gives. When travelling far, use them 
when near the destination.

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