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Star Wars: Jedi Knight - Jedi Academy

Cheat mode:
Press [Shift] + ~ during game play and type "devmapall" or "helpusobi 1" 
(in newer patches of the game) to enable cheat mode. Then, enter one 
of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. 

Effect                                  Code 
All weapons and items                   give all  
Dead mode on                            undying  
Extra ammunition                        give ammo  
Extra armor                             give armor  
Extra health                            give health  
Maximum inventory                       give inventory  
God mode                                god 
No clipping                             noclip  
Quit game                               quit 
Show shaders                            shaderlist  
Suicide                                 kill 
Set all Forces to indicated value       setforceall (1-4)  
All Force powers maxed, all 
lightsaber moves                        setforceall 1138 
Kill all NPCs                           npc kill all  
Invisiblity                             notarget  
Load map with cheats enabled            devmap (map name)  
Spawn indicated NPC                     npc spawn (model name)  
Spawn indicated NPC vehicle             npc spawn vehicle (name)  
Freeze all NPCs                         d_npc freeze 1  
Unfreeze all NPCs d_npcfreeze 0  
Set saber color                         sabercolor(1-2) (color 1) (color 2) 
Blue saber                              saberstyle 1  
Yellow saber                            saberstyle 2  
Red saber                               saberstyle 3  
Set all lightsaber abilities            setsaberall (1-10)  
Set lightsaber throw level              setsaberthrow (1-3)  
Set lightsaber offense level            setsaberoffense (1-3)  
Set lightsaber defense level            setsaberdefense (1-3)  
Set Force Jump level                    setforcejump (1-3)
Set Force Heal level                    setforceheal (1-3) 
Set Force Push level                    setforcepush (1-3)  
Set Force Pull level                    setforcepull (1-3)  
Set Force Speed level                   setforcespeed (1-3) 
Set Force Grip level                    setforcegrip (1-3) 
Set Force Lightning level               setforcelightning (1-3) 
Use Force Heal                          force_heal  
Bullet time                             thereisnospoon  
Change speed; 1 is default, 
.5 is half speed                        timescale (number) 
Record demo with indicated name         record (filename)  
Stop demo recording                     stoprecord  
Hear indicated music                    music (music file)
Freeze game for indicated time          freeze (number of seconds)  
Spawn indicated item                    give (item name)  
Play as indicated model                 playermodel (model name)  
Play as indicated model in 
multiplayer mode                        model (model name) 
Change player's team association        playerteam (team name)  
Change player's in-game voice           snd (sound name)  
Perform taunt                           emote2 taunt  
Perform meditate                        emote3 meditate  
Perform gloat                           emote3 gloat  
Perform flourish                        emote3 flourish  
Turn off sabers and bow like a 
ninja                                   bow  
Control indicated NPC                   control (NPC name)  
Some Force powers and guns have 
greater effect                          g_knockback (0-900000)  
Display indicated message in 
console, or on main screen if 
bound                                   echo (text) 
Toggle any variable/command that 
uses a 1 or 0                           (1=on, 0=off)  toggle (variable)
Single lightsaber with desired 
hilt                                    saber single_(1-9)  
Dual lightsabers with desired 
hilt                                    saber single_(1-9) single_(1-9)  
Double lightsaber with desired 
hilt                                    saber dual_(1-5) 
Sith sword saber                        sith_sword  
Martial arts                            moves4 iknowkungfu  
Turn off HUD and save screenshot        levelshot  
Save screenshot                         screenshot  
Centers the view on the screen          centerview  
Change difficulty level after 
quicksave/quickload or starting 
a new mission                           g_spskill (number) 
Teleport to indicated coordinates; 
use 0 0 0 to go to center of level      setviewpos (x y z) yaw  
Bind a command to a key                 bind (key) (command)  
Show list of bound commands             bindlist  
Bind a command to a alternate key 
allowing one command to be used 
with two keys                           altbind (key) (command) 
Show list of bound commands with 
alternate keys                          altbindlist 
Screenshot with no onscreen text        levelshot  
Set red level of character              color char_color_red (1-256)  
Set blue level of character             color char_color_blue (1-256)  
Set green level of character            color char_color_green (1-256)  
Change weather                          r_we (weather condition)  
Rainy weather                           r_we rain  
Display memory usage and information    meminfo  
Display video and graphics 
information from DX                     systeminfo 
Kick indicated client from the game     kick (client) 
Lists all skins of playermodels and 
models in general in use in the 
current map                             skinlist 
Play indicated song                     playsong (song name)  
Remote connection; used to issue 
admin commands from a remote machine 
other than that of the server           rcon 
Reset game                              reset 
Sends a packet to the master server 
to keep its listing current             heartbeat 
Starts the new map in according to 
the map cycle as defined in the 
server.cfg                              vstr 
List technical commands                 cvarlist  
Disables the cut scene                  cam_disable  
Enables the most recent cut scene       cam_enable  

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