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Star Wars: Force Commander

Cheat mode:
Start a new game and enter "TheGalaxyIsYours" as a case-sensitive name
in the new player slot. When choosing your new player you must double
click on the name, and not click on the blue arrow. Then, enter one of
the following codes during game play to activate the corresponding
cheat function.

Effect                                          Code
500 more command points                         M  
500 less command points                         Ctrl + M  
Order any unit regardless of command points1    Shift + M 
Spawn units without drop ship                   Keypad 0  
Win current mission                             Ctrl + W  
View all active units                           Ctrl + 8  
View all units                                  Ctrl + Shift + 8  
Remove fog of war                               Ctrl + 9  
999999 life for unit                            Num Lock + *  

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