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Star Wars: Episode 1 - Battle for Naboo

Cheat mode:
Select "Passcodes" at the options menu, then enter one of the
following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. The
sound of a click will confirm correct code entry.

Effect                                      Code 
AAT tank (in some levels)                   RQORACAQ  
Art gallery in show room option             JOBXXFAI  
Concert hall in show room option            RECTVBAH  
Dark Side bonus level                       FMRYLDAD  
Double secondary weapon                     UYCZNCAX  
Expert mode                                 CXSJMIAA  
Guided missiles                             ABVUSEAY  
Sith Infiltrator (in some levels)           FRBPTDAY  
Swamp Speeder (in some levels)              XFIIYBAY  
Swamp Speeder creates big waves             SJTNGBAY  
Unlock all levels with bonus                JHGNRGAS  
Unlock all Naboo side ships                 NIZWAGAO  
Unlock all normal levels                    GPAYQWAJ  
View credits                                WHO?US? or DIWMZIAR  
View development team                       EOWXZGAS  
Advanced shields                            HRDTOKIL  
Advanced missiles                           ACH!  
Cluster homing missiles                     FJJCUAAC  
Rapid fire                                  MELTDOWN  
Unlimited lives                             LFZWKXAA or NOSKILZ!  
One hit kills                               NOSHEILD  
Developer commentary                        TALKTOME  
Create waves in water                       ADJJCCAY  
Gian Speeder replaced by 1969 Buick         EBTRHBAF  
Battle for Naboo level unlocked             PUHRPJAG  
All ships are pink                          RJDGABAU  

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