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Star Trek: Voyager - Elite Force

Cheat mode:
Press "`" to display the console, then type "sp_cheats 1" to enable
cheat mode. Then, enter one of the following codes at the console
window to activate the corresponding cheat function. 

Effect                                  Code 
Toggle God mode                         god  
999 health and armor                    undying  
No clipping n                           oclip  
Invisibility                            notarget  
Get indicated item                      give <item name> 
All weapons                             give weapons  
All weapons, weapon power, health       give all  
Third person view enabled               cg_thirdperson 1  
Third person view disabled              cg_thirdperson 0  
Set third person view range             cg_thirdpersonrange <1-100> 
Level select                            map <level name>
Hidden intermission sequence            map _brig  
Enable cheats for level (on server)     devmap <level name>  
Enable constant multi-player taunts     +button3  
Disable constant multi-player taunts    -button3  
Set name color                          ^<color number>
Set field of view; default is 80        cg_fov <number>
Change name                             name <value>
Change character model                  model <model name>
Spawn indicated character               npc spawn <character name>
Kill indicated character                npc kill <character name>
Kill all NPCs in current level          npc kill all  
Show current position in x y z
(rotation) format                       viewpos 
Set current position                    setviewpos <x y z (rotation)>
Show current gravity setting            g_gravity  
Set gravity; default is 800             g_gravity <number> 
Views ending credits                    ui_closingcredits  
List FMV sequences                      dir video  
Plays indicated FMV sequence            cinematic <filename> 
Bind keys; for example: bind F12 map    bind <key command>
Set health; default is 100, 200 in
easy mode                               give health <number>
Set armor; default is 100, 200 in
easy mode                               give armor <number>
Get weapon                              give weaponnum <number> 
Suicide kill 
Restart video engine                    vid_restart  
Set brightness; 1.0 is default          r_gamma <x.x>
Display additional information when
scanning  give                          tricorder 
Quits game                              quit 
Deactivate cheat mode                   sv_cheats 0  

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