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Starsiege Tribes

Cheat mode:
To enable cheat mode when you are on another server, type "~giveall();". 
If you are on your own server, type "$testcheats=1;" then "giveall();" 
on the next line. Then, enter one of the following codes at the console
window to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Effect                                          Code 
All weapons and 200 of all ammo                 giveall();  
Light armor                                     setarmor(larmor);  
Medium armor                                    setarmor(marmor);  
Heavy armor                                     setarmor(harmor);  
Energy pack                                     buy("energy pack");  
Turret                                          buy("turret");  
Motion sensor                                   buy("motion sensor");  
Inv station                                     buy("inventory station");  
Ammo station                                    buy("ammo station");  

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