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Star Rangers

Cheat mode:

Type java during game play to enable cheat mode. Then, type one of the 
following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Effect                              Code 

Toggle invincibility                shazam  
Toggle warp tunnel auto-pilot       cameo  
Toggle full fuel and ammunition     vitaminz  
Unlimited warp                      scotty  
All enemies on the map              iseeu  
Accelerate time                     zoomerz  
View development team               bogons  
Disable collision detection         dust  
Display target boxes                boxes  
Free view                           iseeu 
Low-resolution mode                 [Shift] + [F12]  
Complete current mission            voizis  
Fail current mission                voizif  
Mission 1                           voizi1 
Mission 2                           voizi2 
Mission 3                           voizi3 
Mission 4                           voizi4 
Mission 5                           voizi5 
Mission 6                           voizi6 
Mission 7                           voizi7 
Mission 8                           voizi8 
Mission 9                           voizi9 
Mission 10                          voizi0 
Mission 11                          voizi! 
Mission 12                          voizi@ 
Mission 13                          voizi# 
Mission 14                          voizi$ 
Mission 15                          voizi% 
Mission 16                          voizi^ 
Mission 17                          voizi&  

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