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Cheat mode:

Press [Pause] and type imabigcheat to enable cheat mode. The sound of a 
bell will confirm correct code entry. Note: High scores are disabled in 
cheat mode. Enter one of the following codes to activate the 
corresponding cheat function. 

Effect                                  Code 

Power up current main weapon            blast  
Plasma main weapon                      plasma  
Pulse main weapon                       pulse  
5,000 credits.                          cash  
Short term invincibility.               flames  
Four nuclear weapons                    nuke  
Extra life                              life 
Jump to level in current episode        warpto  
Standard Impulser engine                impulse  
Hydrogen Ioniser engine                 ioniser  
Megapulse 2000 engine                   megapulse  
Gravdis 5 engine                        gravdis  
Enertron satellite                      ener  
Mineslammer satellite                   mine  
Dynamo 500 satellite                    dyna  
Removes top weapon                      t00  
Credit Drone top weapon                 t01  
Plasma Bomb top weapon                  t02  
Evolter top weapon                      t03  
Matter Disruptor top weapon             t04  
Rebounder top weapon                    t05  
A-Matt Boomerang top weapon             t06  
Fragmentor BE800 top weapon             t07  
Bi Partical Cannon top weapon           t08  
Flamer top weapon                       t09  
Ion Cannon top weapon                   t10  
Magnum 3000DX top weapon                t11  
Dual Laser top weapon                   t12  
Torpedo Launcher top weapon             t13  
Removes bottom weapon                   b00  
Credit Drone bottom weapon              b01  
Plasma Bomb bottom weapon               b02  
Evolter bottom weapon                   b03  
Matter Disruptor bottom weapon          b04  
Rebounder bottom weapon                 b05  
A-Matt Boomerang bottom weapon          b06  
Fragmentor BE800 bottom weapon          b07  
Bi Partical Cannon bottom weapon        b08  
Flamer bottom weapon                    b09  
Ion Cannon bottom weapon                b10  
Magnum 3000DX bottom weapon             b11  
Dual Laser bottom weapon                b12  
Torpedo Launcher bottom weapon          b13  

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