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StarCraft: Brood War

Cheat mode:

Press [Enter] during game play, type one of the following codes, and press 
[Enter] again to activate the corresponding cheat function. 

Effect                              Code 

Minerals and gas increased by 
10,000                              show me the money.  

Minerals increased by 500           whats mine is mine  
Vespene gas increased by 500        breathe deep  
Everything upgraded                 something for nothing  

Faster building and instant 
upgrades                            operation cwal  

Unlimited psionic ability           the gathering  
Indestructible buildings and 
ships power                         overwhelming  
Remove fog of war                   war aint what it used to be  

Ignore supply limit when 
building units                      food for thought 

Full map                            black sheep wall  
Opponent has no psionics            noglues  
Build anything                      modify the phase variance  
Free upgrades to units              medieval man  
Mission skip                        there is no cow level  
Enable mission select*              ophelia  
Terran mission select               terran  
Zerg mission select                 zerg  
Protoss mission select              protoss  
Continue after mission completed    staying alive  
Win game                            man over game  
Lose game                           game over man  
Zerg song**                         radio free zerg  

*  This code must be enabled before the other mission selection codes are 
** Play as the Zerg before enabling this code. 

Zerg secret level:

Successfully complete level 9, "The Reckoning", in under twenty minutes to 
unlock a secret level. Unfortunately it does not permanently appear on the 
level list. Save at the start of the secret level in order to easily play 
it again.

Nuke neutral animals:

Keep selecting a neutral animal (Kakaru, Rhyadon, Scantid, Ursadon, 
Bangalass, Or Ragnasaur) repeatedly until a nuke falls on them. They 
should make up to fifteen sounds before they die. 

Hear different unit phrases:

Select a unit four times. Select it again to hear a different phrase. This 
may be done on every ground unit, air unit, and heroes. Depending on type, 
four to seven different phrases may be heard. 

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