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Cheat mode:
Enter one of the following codes at the "Cheats" section of the
"Specials" option at the main menu to activate the corresponding
cheat function.

Effect                              Code 
Cartoon Spider-Man                  FUNKYTWN  
Stickman Spider-Man                 STICKMAN  
Ben Reilly costume                  CLUBNOIR  
God mode                            ADMNTIUM 
What If mode                        UATUSEES  
Character viewer                    RGSGLLRY  
View FMV sequences                  CINEMA  
All comic books                     FANBOY  
Level select                        MME WEB  
All comic book covers               KIRBYFAN  
Storyboard Viewer                   ROBRTSON  
Quick Change Spidey costume         SM LVIII  
Peter Parker costume                MRWATSON  
Amazing Bag Man costume             KICK ME  
Scarlet Spider costume              XILRTRNS  
Spidey Unlimited costume            SYNOPTIC  
Captain Universe costume            TRISNTNL  
Spidey 2099 costume                 MIGUELOH  
Symbiote Spidey costume             SECRTWAR  
Pulsating head                      EGOTRIP  
Unlimited webbing                   GLANDS  
Full health                         WEAKNESS  
Master code                         LEANEST  

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