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Space Rangers 2

Cheat mode:
Hold "Shift + Ctrl" while typing one of the following codes at the
indicated screento activate the corresponding cheat function. Each cheat
costs the indicated amount of "days". 

Effect                            Screen             Code           Cost 
Fly into sun to repair items      Equipment          repair         40 
100,000 credits                   Equipment          hugemoney      300 
10,000 credits                    Equipment          bigmoney 
Kill all enemies, unless
Keller is there                   Hyperspace         boom           30  
Advance military rank             Military base      nextrank       90 
1000 Ranger points                Ranger station     rangerpoints   150 
Reduces mass of equipped
standard items by half            Space              packing        300 
Random base forms in the
current system, maximum of 3      On plant           rndbase        30 

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