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Space Rangers

Cheat mode:
Hold "Shift + Ctrl" while typing one of the following codes to
activate the corresponding cheat function. Each cheat costs the
indicated amount of "days". 

Effect                                          Code              Cost 
All equipment repaired                          repair            40 
Klisanov in each system increased to 12         klissanmax        20 
Klisanov ships invade system                    klissancall       20 
1000 ranger points                              rangerpoints      150 
Random gun costs 1 credit in store              lowcostweapon     20 
Two Quark Bombs in hold                         bomb              60 
Random artifact appears in hold                 artefact          40 
10,000 credits                                  bigmoney          40 
All unneeded equipment dropped from ship        drop              60 
Item storage requirements reduced in space      parking           300 
Scientists develop good klisanskoye item        klissanitem       160 
Increase weapon strength                        weaponstrength    200 
Spawn 10 Quark Bombs in space                   10bomb            140 
Spawn random base in player's system            rndbase           30 
Open closed map sector                          openmapsector     20 
100,000 credits                                 hugemoney         300 
All enemies explode                             boom              30 
All ships hate Rangers                          haterangers   

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