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Space Empires Starfury

Cheat mode:
Press "~" during game play to display the console window. Then, enter
one of the following codes and press ~ again to activate the
corresponding cheat function.

Effect                                              Code 
Invincibility                                       inv  
Additional 1,000,000 credits                        credits  
Next experience level                               level  
View collision boundaries                           collisiongrid  
Long range scan at full distance                    lrs  
Other ships stop                                    nomove  
Other ships do not move or shoot                    stop  
Repair ship                                         rep 
Show all objects on system map                      sysmapall  
Show firing points and weapon arcs of ships         showfiringpoints 
Show center of all objects                          showmodelcenter  
Show ID of targets                                  showtargetid  
Toggle ship model                                   hideship  
Toggle targeting reticle                            hidereticle  
Warp to indicated system name                       warpmap <system name> 
Warp to indicated system number                     warp <1-91> 

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