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Space Empires 5

Cheat mode:
Press "~" at the main window, then enter one of the following codes. Press
"~" to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Effect                                                  Code
+100,000 of all resources                               money
+100,000 research points                                research
Construction queues get +1,000,000 resources            fastbuild
No longer pay maintenance                               nomaint
All solar systems seen                                  allsysseen
All other players encountered                           allempseen
Omnipresent in all solar systems                        omni
All technologies                                        alltech
+100,000 intelligence points                            intel
All ships get full supplies and ordinance               restoresupplies
Collision grid in combat                                collisiongrid
Show statistics on selected combat object               showstats
Retrofit current ship to new design                     retrofit <design name>
Completely repair selected ship                         repair
All players set to human control                        allplayershuman
All combats are shown on screen                         viewallcombats
Get copies of all enemy ship and unit designs           viewalldesigns

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