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Sonic R

Radiant Emerald course:

Finish in first place on each normal course. 

Play as Dr. Robotnik:

Finish in first place in the in the Radiant Emerald course. 

Play as Super Sonic:

Collect all seven chaos emeralds from the first four courses. 

Play as same character:

Select multi-player mode, then highlight a character, hold [Change 
View] and press [Action]. 

Course close-up:

Press Up and Down to zoom in and out at the course selection screen. 

Control title screen logo:

Press the direction controls at the title screen to rotate the "R". 
Press [Change View] to change the color. 

Skip credits:

Hold [Action] + [Accelerate] + [Change View] and press [Start]. 

View demo:

Press [Action] + [Accelerate] to view the demo, or bypass the Sega and 
"Traveler's Tales" screens. 

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