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 Hit ALT and \ at the same time to enter these codes:

Actions:             Results:

 GARBLE         -->   Garble cheat codes toggle
 WILLNOTSTOP    -->   Invincibility
 ARNOLD         -->   All weapons
 SLUGS          -->   All ammo
 SURGERY        -->   Full health
 SUPERUZI       -->   Get the Super UZI
 ILLBEBACK      -->   Skips to next scene
 NITROUS        -->   Speeds up game
 ICANTSEE       -->   Shows viewscreen
 WHOAMI         -->   Shows your name
 COUNTERS       -->   Shows current co-ordinates
 VERSION        -->   Shows version
 HELLO          -->   Shows message: Hello?
 SUPERTRACKER   -->   Motion tracker (v1.01 only)
 TARGET         -->   target lock
 JOYCAM         -->   3rd person view

 In Europe you have to push ALT and # where as in other
 versions you have to push ALT and \

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