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Skunny Kart

Screen capture:

Press [F9] to save the current screen in .PCX format. 


Press [F1] four times for player one or [F5] four times for player two. To 
return to normal mode, press [F1] for player one or [F5] for player two. 


Press [F2] two times for player one or [F6] two times for player two. 

Cheat mode:

Press [Backspace] to pause the game, type one of the following codes, then 
press [Enter] to resume game play with the corresponding cheat function.

Effect                                  Code 

Invincibility                           superskunny  
Reduce keys needed for exit by 10       keymaster  
Opens exit                              opensesame  
End current level                       iamcheating  
Kill enemies on contact                 begonevilebeast  
Upside down level                       topsiturvy  
Wiggles level                           feelingsick  
Invisible, except for eyes              prestochanger  
Show overview map of level              gatekeeper  
Reverses control                        stupid  
View Magic Touch development team       magicteam  
Fast game play                          gonuts  
Open all secret entrances               azertyqwerty  
Extra life                              reincarnation  
99 lives                                givemethemagictouch  
Disable all toggled cheats              nocheats  
Display coordinates                     position  

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