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Bonus points:

Locate the ski lift on the downhill slop. Stop underneath the lift to 
collect bonus points. 

Hit the little dog that runs across the slope past the free style flag. 
3 points will be awarded regardless if the score is positive or negative.

Turbo mode:

Press F when starting a new game. 

Jump over dead trees:

Press the Left Mouse Button + Right Mouse Button at a dead tree to jump 
over it and set it on fire. 

Gaining points:

More points can be obtained easily when you have a negative score. 
Position the pointer at your character and press the Left Mouse Button + 
Right Mouse Button to gain points.

Mountain monster:

Start a new game and press [Up] instead of going downhill. A monster will 
appear when the distance indicator reaches -122. 


Approach one of the brown mud spots. Place your skier in a way that the 
skies are horizontally oriented while lined up under the mud. Press 
[Keypad 8] to go up the slope and hit the mud, which will then break into 
a mushroom. 

More style points:

Begin game play on the "Free Style" course. Keep clicking the Right Mouse 
Button and press [Up] to increase the style points.

Slower game play:

Press S during game play to slow down. Hold [Shift] + Y for even more slow 


Move the pointer to the top of the screen as your skier hits a jump to 
perform a spread eagle move. 

Double click the Left Mouse Button to perform a flip. 

Place the pointer below and to the right of your skier when hitting a 
jump and click the Left Mouse Button. If done correctly, he will pull his 
skis up and grab them.

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