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Cheat Codes for the Demo Version:

To enter these codes, press TILDE (~) to bring up the console window, 
then type the desired cold. 

     /superfuzz - God Mode 
     /health 999 - 999 health 
     /wuss - all weapons 
     /wallflower - no target mode 
     /nocollision - no clipping mode 
     /spawn heligun - spawn the gun from the helicopter 
     /spawn cookies - creates cookies 
     /save # - saves game to specified slot # 
     /load # - loads game from specified slot # 

Level Select:

To choose your level, go to the console (press tilde) and type "map " 
to warp to anu map.

Currently known map names for one player (in order from earliest to last 

     sewera - first sewer level 
     sewerb - second sewer level 
     oilrig - the oilrig 
     jungle - first jungle (Mountain Gourge) 
     jungle2 - ATV map 
     area57 - Darwin evolution map 
     lab1 or lab - Xenomorphic lab 
     lab2 or study - Xenomorphic study 
     estate - Sinclaire estate 
     thrall - Thrall master 

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