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SimCity 3000

To open up a cheat window where you can type in the cheats, hold down
CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+C. After entering a cheat, type [Enter] to activate it.

i am weak  --> All buildings, roads, zones, and terrain altering free.

call cousin vinnie  --> A petitioner shows up offering a fundraising
event. Accepting the deal gives you some cash, while refusing allows
you to get a better reward...

zyxwvu  --> After refusing vinnie's offer (see above), you can use
this cheat to gain a special castle, available in the rewards &
opportunities button. This castle raises land value and aura, and does
all kinds of cool things for your city.

garbage in, garbage out  --> All garbage buildings available.

power to the masses  --> All power buildings available.

water in the desert          --> All water buildings available.

salt on  --> Changes the sea to salt water.

salt off  --> Changes the sea to fresh water.

terrain one up  --> Raises the terrain.

terrain one down  --> Lowers the terrain.

terrain ten up  --> Raises the terrain.

terrain ten down  --> Lowers the terrain.

pay tribute to your king  --> All rewards available.

i love red tape  --> All ordinances available.

let's make a deal  --> Neighbor/Business Deal(s) offered.

nerdz rool  --> Only high tech (clean) industry grows.

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