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SimCity 2000

The following cheats work on All Systems:

Actions:     Results:

 CASS   -->   gives you $250,000 (or a firestorm)
 FUND   -->   gives you $10,000
 JOKE   -->   tells you a (kind of) funny joke.

The following cheat works on Windows 95 Only: 

Actions:          Results:

 IMACHEAT    -->   gives you $500,000 and all rewards.
 PRISCILLA   -->   a debug menu.

The following cheats work on Windows 3.1 Only.

Actions:          Results:

 OIVAIZMIR   -->   goes into debug mode
 GOMORRAH    -->   watch out, it's a nuclear multdown
 BUDDAMUS    -->   gives you $500,000 and all rewards
 GILMARTIN   -->   gives you a military base
 NOAH        -->   starts a flood
 MOSOS       -->   stops the flood
 MRSOLEARY   -->   starts a fire

The following cheats work on the Macintosh Only: 

Actions:                 Results:

 PORNTIPSGUZZARDO   -->   gives you $money$
 ARDO               -->   gives you $500,000
 VERS               -->   reports version number

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