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Seven Kingdoms

Cheat mode:

Type !!!@@@### during game play. The phrase "Cheat Mode Enabled" will 
confirm correct code entry. Then, press one of the following keys to 
activate the corresponding cheat function. Note: Cheat codes may not 
be enabled in multiplayer mode.

Effect                                                  Key 

Immortal king                                           U 
Invoke all Greater Beings, advance technology           T 
Toggle faster building of structures and units          Z 
Additional 1000 money                                   C 
Additional 1000 food                                    \ 
Temporary full map                                      M 
Additional 10 population in selected city*              ; 
Additional 20 spy level                                 ' 
Additional 20 combat level                              [ 
Additional 20 skill level                               ] 
Increase prayer points in selected Seat of Power        = 
Instant construction of select building                 B 

* The increase in population will consist of a random nationality. 

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