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Super Busby

Toggle invincibility:

Type gh44 during game play. 

Toggle time limit:

Type ddb4 during game play. Note: Enabling this code will result in no 
time bonus when the episode ends. 

Change game control:

Type sls, bbpan, or shark during game play. Bubsy will slide, fly or 
jump in strange, uncontrollable ways 

View ending sequence:

Type f00d during game play. 

Level select:

Type one of the following codes during game play to jump to the 
corresponding level.

Level               Code 

Episode 1           dd6d 
Episode 2           df6d or ckbgmm  
Episode 3           d46d or sctwmn  
Episode 4           d76d or mkbrln  
Episode 5           d06d or lblnrd  
Episode 6           d96d or jmdkrk  
Episode 7           d16d or stgrtn  
Into The Canyon 1   d66d or sbbshc  
Episode 8           dc6d or dbkrrb  
Into The Canyon 2   da6d or msfcts  
Episode 9           d26d or kmgrbs  
Into The Canyon 3   d36d or sljmbg  
Episode 10          de6d 
Episode 11          fd6d 
Episode 12          ff6d 
Episode 13          f46d or tgrtvn  
Episode 14          f56d or ccldsl  
Episode 15          f66d 
Episode 16          g00d or stcjdh  

Note: Cheat codes can not be enabled during episode 16. 

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