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Railroad Tycoon 2

Cheat mode:

Press [Tab] during game play. Then, type one of the following codes at 
the green cursor at the bottom of the screen to activate the 
corresponding cheat function.

Effect                              Code 

$1 million for company              slush fund  
$1 million for player               cattle futures  
$100 for company                    powerball  
$100 million for player             king of the hill  
Access denied territories           let me in  
All trains are AMD103               amd103  
All trains available                show me the trains  
Cities grow faster                  viagra  
Competitor's trains crash           casey jones  
Doubles industrial center output    overtime  
Doubles maximum train speed         speed racer  
Lose scenario                       bobo  
Win bronze scenario                 bigfootbronze  
Win gold scenario                   bigfootgold  
Win scenario                        bigfoot  
Win silver scenario                 bigfootsilver  

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