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R.O.S.E. Online

Hidden commands:
Type one of the following commands in the chat window, then press
"Enter" to activate the corresponding effect. 

Effect                                              Code 
Remove user interface                               /noui  
Party level-up effect                               /effect 297 
Glowing orange ball at feet                         /effect 300  
Character hit by lightning                          /effect 243  
Smoke at feet                                       /effect 299  
Small white ball flashes on feet                    /effect 241  
Explosion on body                                   /effect 242  
Ball lightning and a tornado on body                /effect 244  
Tornado coming out from body                        /effect 245  
Strange pyramid at feet                             /effect 105  
Level-up effect                                     /effect 160  
Attack down buff effect                             /effect 164  
Attack up buff effect                               /effect 165  
Defense down buff effect                            /effect 166  
Defense up buffs effect                             /effect 167  
Buff that resembles coin up effect                  /effect 168  
Buff that resembles a coin down effect              /effect 169 
Movement speed down buff effect                     /effect 170  
Black/purple smoke at your feet                     /effect 173  
Accuracy up buff effect                             /effect 174  
Accuracy down buff effect                           /effect 175  
Poison effect                                       /effect 176  
Dodge rate down buff effect                         /effect 177  
Dodge rate up buff effect                           /effect 178  
Attack speed up buff effect                         /effect 181  
Attack speed down buff effect                       /effect 182 

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