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RollerCoaster Tycoon

 Make Her Happy:

 Make a guests name Melanie Warn to make her happy.
 Cheat provided by: Ben
 Press F to use the finance command. Then press M + [Enter] to gain
 $5,000. Note: This may only be done once per month. 

 Photographer guest:
 Enter Chris Sawyer as a guest name. 

 Artist guest:
 Enter Simon Foster as a guest name.

The Following Cheats provided by: Tabitha
Extra Cash: 
close your park for a year, then a man in a leather suit will come 
around and hand you around 1,000,000$ 
Guest Renames:
Damon Hill:             drives fast go-karts
Michael Schumacher:    drives fast go-karts
Tony Day:               eats lots of hamburgers
Big Bucks:              unlimited cash
John Mace:              pays double for rides

Park Rating Increase:
All you have to do is check out the unhappy, or sick 
guest list, click on a guest, then grab them and throw 
them into the water to make them drown. your park rating 
will go up. It's pretty evil but hey, whatever helps you 
get to the next scenario right?
A "High Guest" Required Scenario:
If you have the "added attractions" choice, put a "no entry" 
sign by the entrance of your park and the guests will be 
unable to leave.


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