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Cheat mode:

Press Q + W + E + R + T + Y + U + I + O + P + [Left Bracket] + [Right 
Bracket] when the phrase "Press Start Button" appears to enable cheat 
mode. A message will confirm correct code entry. Press [F1] through [F4] 
to activate various cheat functions. 

Cheat mode (alternate):

Type lavillastrangiato at the starting line to enable cheat mode. Press 
one of the following keys to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Effect                  Key 

Spin car                X 
UZ cannon               1 
Level skip              S 
Cruise missiles         2 
Refuel                  P 
Electro shields         3 
End game                G 
Nitro injectors         4 
Remove all weapons      0 

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