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Resident Evil

 1) Pick a gun or pistol (if u are using the FEMALE 
 char dont follow this step cos she originally has a 
 weapon with her)
 2) save the game (use the typewriter near the 
 staircase) 3) exit RE
 4) Use hex editor to open the savedat1.dat in the RE 
 5) search for this location 00000320
 6) when u reach to this location search for 020f 
 (hex code)
 7) as you wish you may change the value to :
 02ff   -->   default gun with max ammo
 03ff   -->   shotgun with max ammo
 04ff   -->   colt python
 06ff   -->   Flamethrower
 07ff   -->   Bazooka
 0aff   -->   ROCKET LAUNCHER !!! ( UPDATED )
 8) After changing the value please save the DAT file...
 9) Run the game and load the savegame then u will see  
 the differences.

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