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Raptor: Call of the Shadows

Cheat mode:
Type "SET S_HOST=CASTLE" at the DOS prompt to set the corresponding 
nvironment variable before running the game. This activates unlimited
lives and all weapons for a few levels.

Fight animals:
Set the system date to "March 12th", "May 16th", "August 28th", or
"October 2nd" to fight cows, monkeys and other animals.

God mode:
Press "G + X + M + P" during game play.

Deathray and health:
Press "Backspace" during game play to restore your health and get a

Level select:
Press a key that corresponds to a specific sector, followed by th
key that corresponds to a specific level at the sector screen.

Key     Sector
Z       Bravo
X       Tango
Y       Other regions

Key     Level
Q       1
W       2
E       3
R       4
T       5
Y       6
U       7
I       8
O       9

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