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Radix: Beyond the Void

Special opponents: 

A special birthday mode, with cows, monkeys and other animals, may be 
enabled by setting the system date to make one of the following programmer 
birthdays: March 12, May 16, August 28, or October 2. This mode may also 
be enabled by activating all the switches at the bottom of the episode 
selection screen and darkening the button. 

Cheat mode:

Pause game play and enter one of the following codes to activate the 
corresponding cheat function.

Effect                                      Code 

Full armor, shields, energy, weapons, 
plasma bombs and ammo                       nsopta 
Toggle ultra-shields until end of level.    nsbagwan 
Full energy                                 nse 
Toggle maneuvering jets                     nsbjipp  
Illuminate surfaces                         nsoptl  
Toggle rapid shield regeneration            nsblaster  
Toggle rapid energy regeneration            nshorsley  
Faster weapons firing                       nsdiebesterds  
Valid code that has no effect               nsopts  
Toggle air friction                         nsfricoff  
Death skill level                           nsdeath  
Hover at minimum throttle                   nshalt  
Debug mode                                  nsdebug  

Command line parameters:

Start the game with the one of the following command line parameters to 
activate the corresponding cheat function. 

Effect                          Command line parameter  

Debug mode                      -debug 
Disable sounds                  -nosound  
Load external resource file     -file   
Level select                    -warp   
Skill level select              -skill   
Record a demo                   -record   
Play a recorded demo            -play   

Network mode cheats:

Start the game with the -boom  command line parameter 
to initiate a network game. Use one of the following additional command 
line parameters to activate the corresponding network cheat.

Effect                      Command line parameter  

Faster weapons firing       -cheater  
Dogfight mode               -dogfight  
Cooperative mode            -cooperative  
Capture the flag mode       -capture  
Disable enemies             -noenemies  
Power-ups respawned         -respawn  
Assign a player name        -name   

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